Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Episode 11 : Like a Phoenix

Welcome back the Servers Up Podcast. Chuck has been crazy busy with his job and he has had some terrible trouble with his internet connections. We tried a few times, but we just could not get a show recorded. In the mean time David Murphy has cut in to cover for Chuck so we can have some delicious podcasty action.

Video Games : 3 Min
Check out Tera, Firefall, and Guild Wars 2. Josh is loving Lord of the Rings Online Free to play. StarCraft 2 rocks everyones face off.

Natural 20: 38 Min
We love Pandemic

Paperbacks: 46 Min
Dave loves Invincible. Josh loves Orson Scott Card (Books in the Ender-verse).

Movies and TV: 58 Min
Dave recommends Pushing up Daisies. We both recommend Scott Pilgrim VS the World.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Episode 10 : Civilization for Comics

In Episode 10 you will find :

Paperbacks (3 min)
This week we talk briefly about the Dresden files and we revisit The Name of the Wind. Then it's comics comics comics!

Games (29 min)
Chuck and Josh have been playing all kinds of games. Chuck has made it most of the way through Red Dead Redemption. Josh actually beat a game (Uncharted 2). Both of us have been trying Borderlands, Civ IV, Alien Invasion, Warhammer Online, and more.

Movies (67.5 min)
Chuck and Josh saw The Last Air Bender together. We may be among the few who could overlook the acting and enjoy the rest of the movie. Chuck gets berated for recommending Daredevil: Directors cut. Spare yourself don't watch it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Episode 9: Uncharted Changes in my Wake

This week on Servers Up:

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions looks awesome! Chuck finished Alan Wake. Josh finally started Uncharted 2. There are differing opinions on the full version of Just Cause 2.

Josh finished Red Sea under Red Sky by Scott Lynch and he started Sabriel. Chuck and Josh have both been going Dresden Files crazy and Josh can barely contain the spoilers from the newest book Changes.

Superhero movies are in as we look at Iron Man 2 and Kick-Ass. Josh briefly discusses the strange but interesting Norwegian film Let the Right One In.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Episode 8: Podracing Champions

This month on Servers Up!

Movie/TV 3 Minutes in
Chuck though Clash of the Titans was mediocre, but recommends Brothers and Boondock Saints 2 (if you like man movies). Also, surprise, Batman 3 is going have catwoman MEOW!

Paperbacks 27 Minutes in
Josh recommends The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Honestly, right after you listen to our show go read it. Chuck has finished Sabriel by Garth Nix, the first of the Old Kingdom Series. And do we want IPADs, yes I think we do.

Video Games 53 minutes in
Chuck and Josh have both been Checking out Champions Online! New addictions are great. If you want to find out more about Champions online Podcast of Champions is a great resource. Also Gamer Crush is going to be the best gaming service ever, assuming you are rich, and really, really lonely.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Episode 7 : Heavy Rain on my Air Bender

Hello all,

Because our episodes are so long and not everyone is interested in every topic I have added minute counters here in the episode summary. This way if you just want to listen to TV and Movies you can just skip to that section.

Paperbacks: 3 Min 15 sec
Josh has read The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. Interesting, but waayyy too much graphic gay loving for any straight person. He also talks about Coraline and Star Wars Episode 1 (odd how the book can be just as bad as the movie)

Video Games: 24 min 20 sec
Chuck and Josh have both played the demo for Just Cause 2 and it is awesome. Josh's wife finally got Final Fantasy XIII and Chuck almost knows who the Origami Killer is in Heavy Rain.

Natural 20: 1 hour 5 min and 30 sec
Natural 20 is a new section where we talk about Pen and Paper games and any new board games we like. This week we talk about the Warhammer Invastion : The Card Game.

Movies and TV: 1 hour 13 min
A whole lot of movie news and then a brief glipse at Moon and A Serious Man. Also if you haven't seen the new Last Air Bender trailer yet, you are missing out.

The Closing song is the ending for the game Portal (which you should play if you haven't yet)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 6 : 500 Days of Tribbles

Hello Listeners,

This week on paperback we discuss book twelve of the Wheel of time series which is now being writing by Brandon Sanderson. We also talk about Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King. Oh Discordia!

Video Games
Josh has been playing the simple yet fun tower defense game called Defense Grid. Chuck gives us the run down of Star Trek Online.

Movies/ TV
Josh talks about the flop called Wolfman and the incredible 500 Days of Summer. Chuck runs down the latest movie and TV news including an update on 21 jump street!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Episode 5: Movies of tomorrow

Hello all,

Welcome to episode 5 of Servers Up. So for some reason Chuck's mic sounds really horrible this week. He sounded fine while we were recording. We'll see if we can get it better next time. Also I have been busy with school so I wasn't able to make a new intro. Just a warning in case you think you grabbed the wrong episode.

This week on paperbacks we talk about the interesting failure called the Phoenix Unchained. I hope we don't peak your interest, because this book is bad.

This week on movies and TV we look to the future and discuss some previews that have caught our attention. Also apparently Spartacus: Blood and Sand should actually be subtitle Slow motion and Soft Core Porn.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Episode 4 : The AfterChristmas

The holidays got in the way you know! So Merry Late Christmas, Happy Late New Year, and happy every other holiday.

Josh has been catching up on his favorite comics and is now checking out The New Avengers. Chuck has been reading Sabriel the first book in the Old Kingdom by Garth Nix.

TV and Movies
We talk excessively about everything, you know, like we do. Eventually we get to our focus of Avatar.

Video Games
Josh got a Playstation 3, but oddly enough has been playing Chrono Trigger.
We talk about our favorite games of 2009 (Josh only had a favorite game). We also discuss what games we are excited about in 2010