Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Episode 14 : Tripping the Rifts of Asgard

Video Games
Here we discuss the Bulletstorm Demo and the MMO Rift.

Comics are hot this time of year. we talk about Green Lantern, Superman Earth One, and Invincible. We briefly discuss Patrick Rothfuss' A Wise Man's Fear.

All Star Superman, Smallville and Thor. Comics even invaded our movies.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Episode 13 : Beyond Megacon

Megacon Talk
We Met James Marsters!

TV/ Movies 25 min

Joshua has seen The Adjustment Bureau and Sucker Punch or was it Suck Punch?
Chuck recommends win win.

Paperbacks 51 min
We don't really know what high fantasy is, but Josh liked The way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and we both think A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss is a worthy successor.

Video Games 107 min
Gaikai just may change the way we play video games. Magicka is good cheap fun. Chuck has not take the plunge into Dragon Age 2 yet, but he thinks the web game is peachy keen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 12 : While You Were Out

TV/ Movies (6:45)

You should definitely see Wall-E and Megamind. If you need a new TV drama Breaking Bad is an excellent choice, or if you prefer a zombie apocalypse check out The Walking Dead

Paperbacks (46:30)

Josh has read the Wheel of Time book 13, there is not too much to add, so refer to his previous discussions of the other books. He is also reading Enders Shadow and continuing Ultimate Spiderman. Chuck has peaked Josh’s interest in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clark.

Natural 20 (1:11:30)

You should play Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Video Games (1:16:45)

We kept this section relatively brief all things considered. We couldn’t resist talking about Monday Night Combat, but most of our other activities we saved for another time.

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