Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Episode 11 : Like a Phoenix

Welcome back the Servers Up Podcast. Chuck has been crazy busy with his job and he has had some terrible trouble with his internet connections. We tried a few times, but we just could not get a show recorded. In the mean time David Murphy has cut in to cover for Chuck so we can have some delicious podcasty action.

Video Games : 3 Min
Check out Tera, Firefall, and Guild Wars 2. Josh is loving Lord of the Rings Online Free to play. StarCraft 2 rocks everyones face off.

Natural 20: 38 Min
We love Pandemic

Paperbacks: 46 Min
Dave loves Invincible. Josh loves Orson Scott Card (Books in the Ender-verse).

Movies and TV: 58 Min
Dave recommends Pushing up Daisies. We both recommend Scott Pilgrim VS the World.

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