Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Episode 10 : Civilization for Comics

In Episode 10 you will find :

Paperbacks (3 min)
This week we talk briefly about the Dresden files and we revisit The Name of the Wind. Then it's comics comics comics!

Games (29 min)
Chuck and Josh have been playing all kinds of games. Chuck has made it most of the way through Red Dead Redemption. Josh actually beat a game (Uncharted 2). Both of us have been trying Borderlands, Civ IV, Alien Invasion, Warhammer Online, and more.

Movies (67.5 min)
Chuck and Josh saw The Last Air Bender together. We may be among the few who could overlook the acting and enjoy the rest of the movie. Chuck gets berated for recommending Daredevil: Directors cut. Spare yourself don't watch it.

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