Thursday, March 18, 2010

Episode 7 : Heavy Rain on my Air Bender

Hello all,

Because our episodes are so long and not everyone is interested in every topic I have added minute counters here in the episode summary. This way if you just want to listen to TV and Movies you can just skip to that section.

Paperbacks: 3 Min 15 sec
Josh has read The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice. Interesting, but waayyy too much graphic gay loving for any straight person. He also talks about Coraline and Star Wars Episode 1 (odd how the book can be just as bad as the movie)

Video Games: 24 min 20 sec
Chuck and Josh have both played the demo for Just Cause 2 and it is awesome. Josh's wife finally got Final Fantasy XIII and Chuck almost knows who the Origami Killer is in Heavy Rain.

Natural 20: 1 hour 5 min and 30 sec
Natural 20 is a new section where we talk about Pen and Paper games and any new board games we like. This week we talk about the Warhammer Invastion : The Card Game.

Movies and TV: 1 hour 13 min
A whole lot of movie news and then a brief glipse at Moon and A Serious Man. Also if you haven't seen the new Last Air Bender trailer yet, you are missing out.

The Closing song is the ending for the game Portal (which you should play if you haven't yet)

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