Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode 3: Movie Extravaganza

We recorded a week late due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Then between school, my nephews Birthday, and the WoW 3.3 content patch I just haven't hide time to get it all together. Anyhow, I present Episode 3. One of my (Josh) best friends, David Murphy, joins us this week.

Video Games
Chuck Finished Assassin's Creed 2
Josh tried a very odd demo of Zeno Clash
Finally we discuss how we felt about the now free MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online

Josh is finishing the Lies of Lock Lamora.
Chuck is reading I am Legend.
We also discuss the Dark Tower series by Steven King

This is a big section this week. We discuss a lot of movies (although Wanted seems to be in there a lot) as we talk about what we love and hate about movies. We try to wrap our brains around what some people are thinking when they make some of these movies, or even harder what people are thinking when they like them (Yes Transformers 2, we are all looking at you).

The clips of the song at the very end are from Team America.

Finally got the file loaded.

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