Monday, November 16, 2009

Episode 2: Wandering Tales

We are back and better than ever!!! This week we have a special guest, my brother in law Neil.

TV and Movies

We start with a discussion of Dollhouse which is sadly ending after this season. From there we move on to a discussion of the new V series and the new Star Trek movie which will be on DVD soon. We finish off with a little chat about the new edition of Superman Returns.

A qucik glance at Wil Wheaton's new book Memories of the Future. A humorous look at the first 1/2 season of Star Trek : The Next Generation. Then we discuss I Am Legend, a much better book than the movie that later came from it. It was going to be a spoiler, but Chuck shut's Josh down at the end.

Lore of the Week
Orc, Orc, and more Orcs,

Video Games
Dragon Age: Ugly but awesome. Torchlight : Cheap but super fun. and the Nokia N-Gage is dead, the what? Exactly.

We close out with a song that will not leave my head a Warcraft covcr of a cover by Isolte.

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  1. Feel free to get Sarah's voice in all of the v-posts, it sounds great.